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Mash-Up Your Mesh with Meshmixer Direct to Shapeways

We have mentioned the 3D mash-up coolness that is meshmixer in a previous post on the Shapeways blog but with the latest update to the free software you can now upload your mixed up models direct to Shapeways via our API.

So if you are new to this whole 3D modeling dealo and you want to experiment then this may be a perfectly playful introduction that you can easily output to Shapeways for 3D printing. If you do have 3D modeling chops it is still great fun and may even be perfect for holding your own Cut & Paste 2 minute challenge with you friends, classmates or co-workers. If you are looking for a source of 3D models to play around with check out this great list of 60 sites for free 3D models that includes 3D Total, Turbosquid, Google Warehouse and, 57 more…

The latest update of Meshmixer now supports OSX along with ‘deform tool’ for pushing geometry around, and a ‘smooth tool’ for taming gnarly meshes that might otherwise create problems for 3D printing

If you are involved in any kind of 3D software and you are interested in making it easier for people to output their models for 3D printing, take a look at the Shapeways API, take a look at the tutorial and please contact us if you need any assistance implementing it into your software.

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