One Million Triangles

Yes, we love triangles that much.

With our latest site update we have increased the triangle limit of your uploads from five hundred thousand to one
million triangles. So now you can 3D print all those super high detail Zbrush models without using a workaround to upload to Shapeways.

We also increased the available memory and processing
time for some of the processing scripts to be able to handle models up
to 1 million triangles. Note that the triangles are still counted after
MeshMedic fixed/merged the shells, so the number of triangles could be
higher than the original model.

Let us know what you think, is this enough triangles for you, do you want more or enough already?


  1. D

    FINALLY!!!!! Starting to approach the poly limits of other competitors. And yes, I could used about another 500k, but this limit-raise will allow me to begin sending models to shapeways again(its been a long time now). Thank you all :-)

    1. pete

      Thanks for the feedback D. Curious to learn, what are the limits you experience elsewhere? Let us know.

  2. Celso Teixeira

    Just in time!
    I was going to order my first model last week, but i was having problems to reduce the number of triangles that much without lose the detail.
    with a million will be really higher detail.
    Thanks Shape ways, going to order my model to night!


  3. ErkDemon

    I’d made the mistake of tailoring a “mathy” model to 500kF, but forgetting that I was using quads. On upload it went from just under 500kF to just under one MF, due to triangulation. Impasse.

    Now that the limit’s 1M, it’s uploaded and ordered! :)

  4. Eitan Cher

    Sounds great! By the way, you should totally make a tee-shirt with that on it.


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