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Recap: SXSW Interactive 2011

Robert and I just made it back from SXSW Interactive in Austin. It was a great time where we devoured tacos, ran to and from panels, got into cool conversations, and soaked in tech at ridiculous quantities. Having been to SXSW once before, it was lots of fun to bring a fellow Shapie into it and help them get familiar with everything, while exposing lots of new people to what we do. And the response was awesome. 


On Sunday we took part in the NYC Startup Meetup, an all-day gathering of over 30 different New York-based early stage companies where we got to know one another, scoped out new talent, and took turns giving demos. We were the only guys there with actual physical products, and that meant we really stood out. Our table was nearly mobbed from start to finish. Lots of people had no idea that 3D printing at the level our community is familiar with is currently possible.

It was really inspiring to see a crowd of people who are usually accustomed to digital products fall for Shapeways. The population at SXSW is definitely known for making things, but those things are usually in non-physical form. Still, everyone we spoke to didn’t miss a beat — they totally loved the idea of using tech to make real world stuff. Hopefully we’ll be welcoming a whole new group of creatives — the techies who now want to hack in 3D. 

We can’t wait to see what next year brings! So, where would you like to meet up with us next?

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