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Report: Maker Faire Newcastle 2011

Bart and I were lucky enough to attend the Maker Faire Newcastle last weekend ( 12 and 13th of March) For the third year in a row it was a huge success for Shapeways with hundreds of new potential users flocking to our stand. They were all eager to check out what Shapeways is all about: the models, the materials, the people.

Maker Faire is all about do-it-yourself creation and there were heaps of cool/crazy art installations to admire. To name but a few: the Nightingallery singing mechanical bird, remote controlled garbage bins that chased kids around and performers with huge Tesla coils. Also, lots of home 3D printing with printers like RepRap and the eMaker.

Especially our new Silver fascinated the crowd. Community members Euphy and Stop4Stuff traveled to Newcastle and helped us out for the full two days. It was great to see them promote their models to all the enthusiastic people who came by our stand. Thanks again guys!!

We had a chance to get to meet some members of the Shapeways community members, who were also so kind to join us for a nice dinner in a Tapas restaurant.

We can’t wait to see what the Maker faire 2012 will have in store for us!


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