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Let Us Know When It Arrives…

There are so many amazing items being made with Shapeways every day, with over 115,000 printable objects in the Shapeways database and thousands of items being 3D printed each week it is hard for us to keep track of all of the awesome things you are doing. Share photographs and descriptions of your items on the Shapeways ‘It Arrived!’ forum and on our Shapeways Facebook page so that we, and the rest of the community can be inspired by your items.


Images above include:

USB powered Helmet light by Psychobob

Mixup 5x5x5 by OSKAR

Figure for Tsunacon 2011 by Kaetemi

Irish Narrow Gauge Railway Carriage by Ben Racey Modelling

Hummingbird pendant by Roofoo

Gyroid ring (Silver!) by Virtox

2-Panel Barricade by HellJumper777

True Love Waits Rings by Freakinhuge

We look forward to seeing more of your items in the forums, Facebook and Flickr.

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