Update on New Colors Available

Hello all. A while ago, we announced the addition of two colors:Indigo and Dark Grey, to our strong and flexible family. In addition to our Winter Red, we will keep these three colors until the end of May (Black will stay a permanent color). We know there was an error last time when we added the new colors, specifically we added the colors with no mark up to your jobs. We have since removed the colors and are now re-adding them with the correct markup. Starting this week, we will automatically re-add the new colors (Indigo and Dark Grey) to all products currently available in Winter Red. Mark up will default to the highest mark up for any strong and flexible item in your shop.

Enjoy shopping the new colors!


  1. David Swart

    So Black is no longer available?

    1. David Swart

      … I mean, I cannot find the Black, Strong and Flexible option when ordering: was it forgotten with the addition of dark grey? Or was it replaced by dark grey?

    2. Anonymous

      Never mind – user error. I had unknowingly selected black in my “Not available in:” field.

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