Hi, nice to meet you: my name is Jochem

Within the Shapeways team, I’m overseeing Marketing. Getting here was an interesting journey, in many ways.


A little over a year ago I joined Peter to bring an innovative & entrepreneurial project then named U-Design to life. It took quite a bit of inspiration and transpiration (the proportions I will let you fill in) and a great team (e.g. Robert joined shortly too) to get where we are today. But now Shapeways has a brand name, a team of about 10, a vibrant community and is happily interacting with the external world. All very inspiring indeed. Did you know that Google has already registered 126000 mentions of Shapeways!?

Before my wife, 2 children and myself moved back to Holland, we were living in the idyllic village of Versoix, at the border of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. As it was unlikely that our friends and family would join us there, my wife and myself decided that we wanted to move back to Holland at some point. Shapeways came up just at the right moment. After the unavoidable move, we’re enjoying Holland again. So much in fact, that my kids (Karlijn of 4 and Marnix of 2) will shortly get accompanied by a baby. This will make sure that we will not get bored, if that was ever possible with Shapeways đŸ˜‰

Coming back to Holland ended my 9 years with P&G, where I learned a lot about international consumer marketing in different assignments: introducing new brands like Swiffer and Pringles as well as numerous new Beauty Care line extensions on brands like Head & Shoulders and Olay. Also, I worked on Olay skin care innovation, resulting in new products and marketing campaigns introduced across western Europe.

Now there is nothing wrong with FMCG-style innovation, but bringing Shapeways to life is just in a different innovation league, and simply the best job in the world!

Credit: Lake Geneva by Erik Charlton (released under Creative Commons license for commercial use)

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