Oskar’s Unveiling at NYPPS, and the 17x17x17 Drink up

There’s been so much going on in the Shapeways community recently, sometimes it’s been a little hard to keep up. Before we let the time get too far away from us, I wanted to be sure to give everyone a glimpse into one of the coolest things that’s happened in the month of February — Oskar’s trip to NY, the unveiling of his incredible 17x17x17 and the first gathering of Shapeways community members since we opened our office in NY.

On Saturday, Feb 12th, I swung by the New York Puzzle Party Symposium with my coworker, Ben, so we could see the unveiling of Oskar’s cube for ourselves. He gave his presentation to a packed house of renown puzzle designers and experts. We couldn’t wait to see and hold the 17x17x17, and experience how it worked.

One of the best parts of being there was getting the chance to meet Eric Vergo and Sky Zangas, two up and coming young puzzle designers who have developed a friendship with Oskar.

Then came Tuesday evening’s drink up on Feb. 15th. We rented out the private room at Red Sky (a bar nearby our NY office) and got to see and experience Oskar’s creations in a laid back, more intimate setting. 

Just under 30 new and old friends showed up to share a beer, and watch the presentation which was previously only available at NYPPs. A spread of Oskar’s puzzles lay on a table, and people couldn’t keep themselves from tinkering with them. :)


It was great to hang out with everyone, and celebrate Oskar’s achievement. Have an idea on what our next gathering should be? Hit us up in the comments and join us on MeetUp!


  1. Javier


    One doubt I have about you guys is if you are already operating in the US, which will mean zero UPS customs/broker cost for us. Last time I checked UPS has to charge for handling and customs, but if you guys are on NY already that means we aren’t going to pay that anymore?


  2. Mitchell Jetten


    Shapeways still produces the white strong & flexible in The Netherlands.
    as for the other materials i’m not sure.

    Shapeways is still getting there stuff sorted since they moved to the US,,, when they have done that, they will probably start thinking about the production in the US

  3. Ana Hevesi

    Javier, that’s right. We hope for shipping from the US the be starting in the coming months. Thanks for the info, Jettuh ;)

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