New colors available: Indigo & Dark Grey

Hello all! I am pleased to announce we have new colors options available for purchase for our Strong & Flexible line.

In addition to our Black Strong and Flexible, and our Winter Red Strong and Flexible (we’re extending); we will also be adding Indigo Strong and Flexible and Dark Grey Strong and Flexible to the family.

Personally, I really like the Indigo. It looks like a rich, vibrant blue in some lights, and look more purple in other lights. We are going to order some more models and take better pictures as the models come through.

The Winter Red, Indigo, and Dark Grey will be available until the end of May 2011. The pricing for these new colors will stay the same as our previous colors, $4 start up cost + $1.99 / cm3.

I’m looking forward to all the cool designs we’ll make together with this new palette. Enjoy!

Models used for testing courtesy of aka Kevon R of microboat.

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    Hello all. A while ago, we announced the addition of two colors:Indigo and Dark Grey, to our strong and flexible family. In addition to our Winter Red, we will keep these three colors until the end of May. Starting this week, we will automatically add the

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