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Grey and Purple Strong & Flexible Test Samples

Hello all! A few weeks ago, we decided on new colors to replace Winter Blue and Winter Green Strong & Flexible. We will still keep Winter Red around since it was one of our best selling colors.

We had a survey to poll the results, and the top three colors were Purple, Orange, and Grey. Even though I know Orange is popular, especially among the Dutch football/soccer fans among our community, it actually didn’t sell too well when we offered it. So we decided to go with the other two (Purple and Grey). We ran some tests and here are the results!

(BTW: Many thanks to Boredom.Is.Me for letting us use his designs!)


Here are the various grey combinations we try. The different shades are due to experimenting with different concentrations of dye and different length of time the objects soaked in the dye. I think they turned out nicely, if I do say so myself.

A better, white balanced picture:


The “Purple” was interesting as well. The models actually sort of a midnight, Yves Klein Blue (which btw is a lovely color). They do have some purplish hue in them, a Blue-Purple if you will (Blurple?). Check it out:

So… what do you guys think of these colors? Let’s hear your thoughts!

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