Objet Gives A Peak at New Materials for 2011

Exciting new 3D Printing materials to be released this year by Objet, let us know if there are any you would like to see added to the range of materials currently available on Shapeways? I can only the imagine the amazing potential of the clear…

Update Thanks to Jan Boon:

With More details…


  1. Jan Boon

    Here’s a longer video with some more explanation:

    The clear material needs to go trough a post processing stage with some sort of special spray, after which it actually becomes clear. They show some samples of actual lenses made with it in this video as well.
    There’s also an example in the video of the ABS-like objet material used to directly print a usable mold, which seems pretty useful as well.

  2. Scott Ryan

    Oh, yes, clear! We must have the clear! We wants the clear, we does! Yesssss….

  3. Jed

    I want them all, but clear is certainly the big one.
    Also, what are the chances that we’ll get composite printing or rubber-like materials? There are a few Objet features that I’ve been wanting to play with for a long time.

  4. Tom van der Zanden

    Currently, the puzzle people use WSF because it’s strong and cheap. However, it’s not very smooth and we would appreciate a material that’s a nice glossy black, like mass produced puzzles.
    Detail (somewhat) has the nice finish we want but it’s not nearly strong enough for making some more delicate puzzles.
    This new “ABS-like” material that Objet is introducing could be gold. Strong and with a nicer surface finish.

    It would only really become popular for making puzzles if it was priced about the same as WSF (with density discount). Only a few of my customers could afford this new material if it was much more expensive than WSF and I can’t justify spending time and money on designing and prototyping a puzzle in two materials.

  5. Mark Pitcavage

    Why is there no written text here? I can read in seconds what I have to wait for minutes to see play out on video. Should I really have to watch 23 minutes worth of videos to get this information?

  6. Glenn Slingsby

    I want them all!! Seriously, I have been wanting materials that are smoother and capable of more detail for a long time. Hopefully the ABS-like will fill that need. I also liked the material – whatever it was – that the weird vase-like thing was made of; looked like ceramic but wasn’t… Oh, and of course the Clear!


  7. Lukas Süss

    That ABS-like material is quite someting.
    I always thought printing cissors is just impossible
    or will at least remain impossible for a long long time.

    High resolution elasticity and high toughness
    This would be very useful for me.

  8. berky93

    I really like all of those materials. Scissors are something I never thought could be printed feasibly, both due to the sharp blades and the extremely precise needs. But there you go!

    I would want materials that are very detailed and smooth. I’d like to be able to print objects with tiny parts and thin walls without having the rough texture of current materials. It seems that currently there is a trade-off between surface smoothness and other things, such as price and color and detail.

  9. Luis Commins

    The clear looks very good, especially for cases.
    +1 on the Composite printing: With a rubber print on plastic we can start making water proof/resistant cases, non-slip bases, etc. We would need to know what the ‘adhesion’ is like.
    Did I mention rubber?.. :) Please, silicone printing. With Composite printing we can alter the ‘bendy’ quality of the Rubber…



  10. Marcus

    Add one more vote for the clear!

  11. Fredrik Bräutigam

    Both the Clear and ABS-like materials look very interesting, but I’d like to know more about surface smoothness and level of detail. Are these the “high detail” materials that so many of us have been longing for?



  12. Anon

    Yes yes yes! All of these new materials expand the functional capacity of 3d printing, in opposition to the recent number of aesthetic capacity improvements. Time for 3d printing’s ‘tick’ after a lengthy ‘tock’

  13. Richard Gain

    Materials with higher rigidity and strength would be great for me.
    WS&F is the material I currently use for most of my puzzles because it is really strong – but it is also quite flexible, and sometimes it’s important to be able to make parts that will not bend easily. Stainless steel is a fantastic material but just too expensive for my customers – they won’t buy it. So I’m looking for a material that’s rigid but not brittle and preferably with a smooth surface but priced much closer to nylon.
    And clear of course!


  14. QuailStudio

    Clear would be great of course but I would also love to see the new VeroWhitePlus take over the current VeroWhite (White Detail)

  15. patleaver

    I would like to see the TangoPlus Full Cure materials.

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