Haute-couture (aka super fancy fashion) keeps on emerging in 3D printed form

Iris van Herpen dress

She may not be able to wear it to the mall, and it may chafe a little, but the fashion world keeps on popping up with new 3D printed designs. Though I’m sure a lot of you don’t pay too much attention to the world of high end impractical fashion that struts its stuff down the runway time and again, it’s definitely interesting to know the extents of what you could make, not to mention imagine how much people might pay for it.

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen created the piece above, one among many in her new collection, which focuses much on the concept of fashion as art/art as fashion. I recommend that you visit this link to look at more photos of her designs, it’s pretty inspiring. The black lacquer finish on the black outfits look pretty awesome.

3D printed shoes

In March of last year one of the first 3D printed pairs of shoes came into the limelight. Made by Pauline Van Dongen the high heeled shoes were part of an exhibition at The Amsterdam World Fashion Center

People make so many diverse objects, don’t limit yourself to small things. Remember, Shapeways now has a big printer, you can design your heart away and make that outfit (it’s the same material as WSF), or something more to your taste, perhaps for your next costume party, or Halloween? That being said I still look forward to the not so far from today day that softer everyday wearable materials will be easily printable.

Via i.materialise

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