When the 3D Printed Imagination Takes a Wrong Turn

I was only a tiny bit surprised when I ran across an article on boingboing.net about a questionable model ordered from a 3D printing company. The model was for what looked to be a faceplate for an ATM skimmer, the purpose of which is to steal information from whoever slides their card in it assuming it’s just part of the regular ATM. The company (i.materialise) refused to print the order thankfully, and made it public that there were attempts being made to make such objects.

atm render

I wanted to touch on this soon to be more prominent issue for a moment. I totally don’t mean to be preachy, but it’s one of those things that at least needs to be talked about for a sec. The idea of making money sounds pretty appealing in general, but not at the cost of your personal and professional ethics and reputation.

I consider all Shapies (aka Shapeways members, and customers too) to be a part of the 3D printing revolution that is slowly but surely taking place, and love to see all the crazy cool things people come up with, but the momentum will only keep going as well as it’s going if 3D printing is kept in a good light and not tarnished by those not thinking of the community they may effect.

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