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Amazing Coverage of the 17x17x17 Over the Top Twisty Puzzle

Congratulations again to Oskar, his 17x17x17 Over the Top Twisty Puzzle has caught the imagination of THOUSANDS of people with coverage on many of the major design, technology and culture blogs including articles on:

Gizmodo by Adrian Covert

CrunchGear by Devin Coldewey

Core77 By Sam Dunne

FastCoDesign by Suzanne Lubarre

NotCot By Rugenius

Makezine by Adam Flaherty

Dvice By Raymond Wong

Ubergizmo By Matthew Chung

Technabob By, Technabob

Adafruit by Johngineer

Product Design & Development

Vodule By Yong Kim

And many many many many more…. A big thanks to all who wrote about Oskar’s amazing achievement ant the thousands of people who spread the word via their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you have a design that you currently have under wraps that you are ready to launch, contact me duann(at) and we may be able to help you develop a strategy to promote your item online.

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