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Ingo Maurer & 3D Printed Lamp Components

A guest post by John Briscella

On a recent trip to Soho this past weekend, ee had a chance to stop by the Ingo Maurer Showroom. Upon entering the shop, I was familiar with most of the designs. Constructions of paper, metal wire and light performing a spectacle of well balanced compositions. Yet, some new favorites (such as his LED table) suggest Maurer’s playfulness with technology.

In the basement den of lamps, amongst the array of creations, was Swingading (above). Seemly fitting to Maurer’s works of paper, Swingading was 3D printed! Well at least the shade and tip. 


Maurer’s methodology to the capabilities of the 3D printed production results into a simple twist. Sensibly as if paper, the 3D printed object appropriately adds rigidity and endurance to the form. The connection interlocks into place as the light glows throughout the transparent attachment.

Another lamp with 3D printed parts, Prototype Lamp, lives up to its name. It reminds me very much of the KunstHalle Graz. Though the prototype lamps seems to be something I would design and love, the swingading evokes a certain touch of primordial attention to detail that defines 3D printing as a technology worthy of acception in the digital age.

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