3D Tin: world’s first 3D modeling tool that runs in a browser.

If that wasn’t cool enough it even exports to 3D Print!!!!!

If you are keen to try 3D printing with Shapeways but do not know how to 3D model then 3D Tin may be the solution for you…

Like a fun cross between Lego and 8-Bit graphics with 3D Tin you assemble your model with cubes that are drawn by dragging your mouse on a grid, drawing on top of an existing cube ads another cube in height. Simple. You can also use the Extrude tool to add additional cubes in any direction, and an eraser to, you guessed it, erase and cubes…

This has to be the easiest, lowest resolution 3D modeler that makes Google SketchUp look like rocket science.  The perfect fun modeler for kids (or the young at heart)

There are slightly higher levels of complexity with a smooth tool and multiple colors but these do not yet export for 3D printing. Also there is a brief tutorial on ensuring the models are 2D Manifold and therefore able to be 3D printed from an OBJ, STL file or direct to Thingiverse.

UPDATE: When you export from 3D Tin as an STL, upload to Shapeways with units set to Inches. Each cube is a 1x1x1cm

3D Tin was developed by altcanvas: an Independent Software Developer who also writes the Code Overtones blog and of course the 3D Tin blog to keep up to date with the latest improvements.

Car model above is bauer carrrr by crossingtosafety which, you can even export to Zazzle to print onto a coffee mug, t-shirt or iPhone case….. Yeah, your own range of merchandise to go with your 3D Print?


  1. Ana Hevesi

    So cool. I’d like to see this software taught in elementary schools.

  2. Alex Berkowitz

    This is really cool. I know many people will say “but it only supports cube-based objects!” but honestly, that’s pretty damn good. I mean its not like more advanced free modeling software isn’t available to people. The limitation sparks ingenuity, and some really amazing things can be created because of it. It’s sorta like building in Minecraft. It’s basically 3-d pixel art, and we all know how cool pixel art can be, right?

    I think I’ll have to give this a go sometime. I wonder if my mobile browser supports it…

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