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Romance, With a Twist

It seems as though Shapeways Twisty Puzzle extraordinaire Oskar has recently turned his hand to that of a twisty cupid with more successful marriage proposals accepted via his Gift Cube.

You may remember the story of Matthew and Mindy and their twisty puzzle proposal? They were married on July 31st, 2010 and have re-enacted their Gift-Cube proposal on YouTube.

Since then there have been another two successful proposals via Oskar’s Gift Cube and another one soon to be presented. What will she say?

Maybe it is time to start thinking about your Valentine’s Day, if not with a Gift Cube proposal then maybe with a unique piece of jewelry, engagement or not.

Congratulations to Oskar/Cupid, Michael and Andrea, Matthew and Mindy, Darryl and Michelle. You can get the full story on Twisty Puzzles.

Oh, and do watch the video….

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