Chernobyl matroesjka, airplane hacks and old trees

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Chernobyl matroesjka dolls, or how to turn something whimsical that tourists buy into art.

Design and art nowadays seems to be very much about the here and now. This is a great video about designing things for the future. It is the story of the Oxford oak beams. Via ThoughtWax.

A great post jampacked with lots of art and architecture links and stories. My favorite part, “Next summer, artist Adrian Kondratowicz, with Miuccia Prada’s patronage, will cloth the homeless with green ready-to-wear, thus “beautifying urban parks and calling attention to human waste.” Green ready-to-wear clothes on the homeless brought to you by Ms. Prada. Sometimes I feel that I really could not make some of this stuff up if I tried.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about hackers or makers turning technology on its’ head by making their own things. For most makers its about changing their own items and adding functionality to them. Some people however change other people’s technology. This is a rather evil hack where someone has hacked the airplane seats of the people sitting in front of them so that they can not recline their seats.