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Help Us to Help You with High Res Images

As Shapeways is getting more and more press such as the recent article in the New York Times, we are increasingly getting requests for high resolution images that print publications can use for their articles.  This is great news but we are in desperate need of more of these high resolution images from you.


If you would like to have your images included please send them to duann(at)shapeways(dot)com and I will add them to our existing database. You can also post them in the Shapeways Flickr Group where many of the Shapeways community are already sharing images of their items.

As a rule, images need to be at least 300 dpi and 5” x 7” to be suitable for publication.

Also if you include a bio about yourself, your design/art/company practice and product, we may be able to leverage this into an article about you and your designs rather than about Shapeways, it’s services and the products it enables.

Take a look at the photography tutorial if you need some pointed on taking some decent shots and feel free to contact me if you need a hand writing a bio or product descriptions.

Something to keep in mind is that many magazines are looking for images of the item with a plain white background so that they can crop them into a complex layout, they are often reticent to include people in the images just in case a model clearance has not been signed.

Of course the simple white background is the norm but One Perfect Image that clearly captures the intent of your design at a glance can often be a composition of the image in context.

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