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Digital Wood Joints – What can you make?

Digital Wood Joints

Most designs on Shapeways are printed as one whole piece, but one thing to consider is that if you happen to want a big piece and be able to disassemble it for storage and then use on the go, or for an added artistic aspect, or for when you move and would like to not squish something that’s hollow inside, or in order just to jump on the DIY bandwagon, where sometimes the novelty of Doing It Yourself (or at least assembling it yourself) is an added marketing bonus to a product.

A Facebook friend posted a link in their status about a week ago to a site where you can download digital files and pdf’s of old school wood joints. Possible projects have been pacing in my head ever since. I have neutral memories of woodshop from Middle School, where I found making things extremely fascinating, but the moving saw blade threatening to cut off my finger made it a little less magical. Thankfully nowadays some of the more complex things we can make are done much more easily and comfortably in front of a computer screen.

These digital wood joints are open source, which means the creator gives permission for their use, and of course the suggestion that you should show him all the cool things you use them for (check the creative commons license for the specifics). I also recommend going to the main site: There are some other fun projects on there, some for laser cutting, some for CNC machines, some for 3D printing. It looks like the site just started out, so maybe think about adding some great ideas and files of your own on there.

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