We need your help to pick the next Strong & Flexible colors.

The Winter Colors are coming to an end we need your help to pick the next Strong & Flexible colors.

The Winter Red is staying until end of February for Valentine’s day, and the rest will retire at the end of January. What next batch of colors would you like?

Nancy has made a poll so you can to help us decide on the next batch of colors (deadline to respond is next Wednesday end of day). We have selected a range of colors available from our suppliers, and includes colors we’ve had available before as options as well.  Take a look at the color chart and let us know what colors you would like to see next

 We will take a look at your suggestions, do some testing and introduce a new batch of colors as soon as possible.

Also let us know if there are any colors you would like to see as permanent options like Black Strong and Flexible or are you happy to have seasonal and event based colors?


  1. designlemon

    A Palette of Transition : :

    Winter Orange, for our Vitamin C.
    Dark Brown, for the color of the still barren trees.
    Grey, for the chilling beauty of early March skies : : and for neutrality, to cleanse the palette between color courses.
    Purple, in preparation for the Spring Crocus.


  2. Christina Westbrook

    I ended up going to the poll and choosing darker red, winter green and winter blue. Mostly because those are the colors I think would sell well. I do rather like the color purple, but generally more of a blue-violet. I think for most items on Shapeways the more subtle colors as opposed to bright ones work best. At least that’s my opinion. Is there a list of colors that actually have sold the best in the past?

    1. nancyliang

      Yes there is. I’m using that as an input to the final decision, as well as seeing what you guys actually chose. Thanks for your input, Christina.

  3. Steve

    I think the Black should be permanent. It’s great for a lot of the puzzles on here, and I’m sure it’s used for other things often as well.

  4. designlemon

    Would actually be nice if there were two blacks : Deep Black + Charcoal Black. Or Gloss + Matte. Or a Warm Black + Cool Black. Useful especially for home furnishings, when you’d like to offer options for Traditional vs. Modern.

  5. Christina Westbrook

    Regular black is already permanent. At least in my experience dying my own getting it any more black than a charcoal sort of black is rather difficult with this material. It has a softer look even in dark colors due to the texture.

    I still vote for paying extra to have an extra layer of protection in the form of a clear varnishing coat on the strong and flexible materials. It would likely give it a slight shine also, and then there could be the option of very glossy.

    1. nancyliang

      I like that idea. I’ll ping you offline about this to discuss further.

    2. stannum

      Semi-OT / Related: the material that would benefit more from coating is sandstone, so you could kill two birds with one stone. Double improvement if it also means getting rid of the honey like infusion that tints all light colours and use something really transparent with better colour preservation.

  6. Andreas Woody64

    grey, darker red, dark brown,
    For me I would like to see these colors permanent like black (also adding the green-blue and winter green) with 1 or 2 seasonal colors.

  7. Gillian Posey

    I’d certainly like to see summer magenta again, and the turquoise color looks promising. (It’s hard to be sure – your color chart doesn’t seem to match the actual colors very well.)

    1. nancyliang

      Haha, yes I know. The colors actually seem to change when I cropped it down to a smaller size (the cognitive scientist in me was excited about that phenomenon). The scanning process also reduced some fidelity. I’ll keep that in mind. Maybe next time we’ll just take a picture of the bunnies and use those instead?

  8. Lincoln Kamm

    I’d like to see flesh be a regular color. I would think a lot of people would like it for making faces.

  9. Erica Schwartz

    I can’t insist strongly enough that you extend the color testing period. and also that you NEVER make summer blue again using the same formula. Every summer blue thing I have remaining in stock has faded to some extent.

  10. Shapeways Blog

    Hello all! A few weeks ago, we decided on new colors to replace Winter Blue and Winter Green Strong & Flexible. We will still keep Winter Red around since it was one of our best selling colors.

    We had a survey to poll the results, and the top t

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