Reflections from a new Product Lead

I’m Nancy, the new product lead of content and materials. For the past week, I’ve been getting up to speed on our offerings, building office tables, and meeting Shapeways colleagues. I’d like to take some time and share my very early stage, initial reflections with you guys.

Creators are gaining popularity. In my search for the most X (popular, sales, ordered), easy-to-use creators are consistently appearing on top. In the future, I want to work on making more of these available for our community members who are not experts in 3D modeling.

Stainless Steel orders are high in demand, but not without its quirks. It is one of the most in-demand materials. However, production tends to take longer and models may stall for one reason or another. I want to dig into this problem, and work to provide a more consistent service and better set expectations.

Shapeways product category is diverse… and evenly diverse. The number of models in each category (as well as sales, views, etc.) was more evenly distributed than I expected. This means the community is growing past early adopter and niche users, leading to a wider variety and more even distribution of product categories.

In case you are interested, out of the statistics I looked out (most views, most sales, most ordered, most this and that)… the following designs stood out at the top, just to name a few. Congrats!

See you guys (and your designs) around Shapeways!


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