Amazing Alumide Jewelry

Check out Phil Renato’s amazing Rephrase jewelry to see what 10 coats of automotive clear polyurethane will do to Shapeways 3D printed Alumide.

Phil Renato is a designer, jeweler, metalsmith and artist. He earned his BFA in Painting, Metalsmithing, and Creative Writing at Eastern Michigan University and an MFA in Metals at the University of Washington. He is an Associate Professor, and the Chair of the Allesee Metals/Jewelry Design Program at Kendall College of Art and Design.

Check out his website for more work, and his Flickr account for MANY photos…


If you have any images of post processed 3D printed materials please share with us, especially if the images are of such fantastic quality as these.  Check out the photobooth Phil uses to take these shots.


  1. Michael Williams

    If you didn’t say they were photos, I’d say they were renders. I still kinda think that. Very glossy looking. Well done.

  2. Glenn Slingsby

    Beautiful. I now know what I’m going to buy on my next trip to my favourite art supply store!


  3. Phil Renato

    Thanks all. The specific material is DuPont 2k automotive polyurethane clear – although there are lots of brands and variations of it available at stores that sell auto paint to the body shop trade (IE FinishMaster and NAPA paint stores). I tend to use ‘spot panel’ with medium speed catalyst, and it levels out fairly well.

    PS – this piece was in response to these beautiful torcs I saw in China:

    1. Glenn Slingsby

      And I’m assuming you have to use your own spray gun/airbrush – or are smaller quantities available in their own spray can do you know?


    2. Phil Renato

      Right. I have never found a spray can based clear that is as thick/performs this way. But they do have a similar effect. A big problem is that they have so much extra chemistry in them to keep from curing in the can that if you put enough on to look good, it would start to craze as the lowe layers cure. So maybe 2 coats a day for a week or something?

    3. Glenn Slingsby

      Good advice. Thanks for the help.

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