Have you already tried our gallery widget? It’s a great way to display your designs or shop items on your own website. It turned out that adding it to a WordPress blog wasn’t that easy though, so we created a WordPress plugin for you.

To install it, simply add a new plugin from the WordPress admin menu and search for ‘Shapeways’.

The plugin can work in two modes: as a WordPress widget, or in an individual post.

To use it as a widget, just add the ‘Shapeways Gallery’ widget to your theme and configure it (learn how to do that here). This is a great way to include the widget on each page of your blog. There’s just one thing to remember: enter your shop name (and shop-section if you want) OR your username, not both at the same time.

Using the widget in an individual post or page requires the use of a ‘shortcode’:

[shapeways option=value ...]

Available options are:

  • shop – the name of your shop
  • shopsection – the name of a section in your shop (ignored if ‘shop’ hasn’t been set).
  • fav – display the favorites of this username (can’t be used together with ‘shop’).
  • cols, rows – the number of columns and rows in your widget.
  • style – allowed valued are ‘light’ and ‘dark’. The default value is ‘light’

For example:

[shapeways shop=byshapeways cols=3 rows=3 style=dark]

Please give us feedback, and don’t forget to rate the Plugin on WordPress.org, thanks!

Please note: WordPress.com doesn’t allow users to install their own plugins, so you can’t use our plugin there..