gear heart

Even if you don’t love Valentines Day (I sure thought it was the most annoying holiday EVER while I was single, now it’s mainly an excuse to suggest aka force my boyfriend to do romantic stuff) you still love 3D if you’re on Shapeways.

Even if somehow you don’t love your 3D I’m sure you love $$. Weather you like it or not, it’s always nice to have around.

heart pendant

My point being: MAKE 3D CREATIONS FOR YOUR STORE FOR VALENTINES DAY! And you should probably start really really soon. I believe one of Duann’s blog posts touched on this subject, but I want to drill it into you that if there’s a holiday or themed season, start modeling at least two months ahead of time if you can, get your prototype, fix whatever needs to be fixed, then put it in your shop, preferably with pictures. The general consumer buys things a lot more easily if there is a real photo and not just a rendering.

Ideas for V day include jewelry, a bunch of stuff with hearts, co-creator pieces where people can put names and mushy words and sayings on pieces and in general stuff people like to buy for other people that they care about (so keep on trekking with your favorite designs).

linked heart necklace

Since most of you Shapies are boys or nerdy anti-conformist girls like me you may not know that a LOT, if not most, of girly products are deigned by guys. All jewelers I’ve ever met have been male (I used to work in that industry a bit) along with many popular jewelry designers. When I went to art school more than half of product design majors and 3D modelers I met/went to class with were male. So don’t be scared to throw hearts and flowers and whatever frilly design comes to mind into your creations.

*One non-holiday reminder is that Spring and Summer are the big Wedding seasons, so if you have stuff like cake toppers, table decorations, place card holders, centerpieces etc. running around in your head, start on them soon.

The above photos (in the order they appear) are from the following Shapeways artists:
Gear Heart by thehumanhive
Heart Pendant by unellenu
Linked Heart by charmed_kitty_33

Happy New Year! A great time for new beginnings.