A new contest: every day design!

We have a brand new contest for you

This time we’re doing a contest for the
Dutch Design Week(site is in
. This is the Netherlands’ premier design event and we’re
proud to be a part of it.

Together with TNO(a large Dutch research
institution) and five designers we will be organizing Virtual Making.
This will be an exhibit along with series of lectures and master
classes about the possibilities of rapid manufacturing. It will
showcase the 3D printed art and design object made by the designers
and give people the opportunity to see a 3D printer and a fearsome
looking CNC machine. We hope that the technology showcase coupled
with the inspiring work from the designers really show what is
possible with 3D printing and other direct to digital manufacturing

The talented designer’s who will be
exhibiting at Virtual Making are: Studio
, Kocx Ontwerpen, PeLiDesign, Wouter Scheublin and Design Drift. All these designers are industrial or product designers and
this is also the focus of the Dutch Design Week. We’re in awe of
their products and success but think that we might have the raw talent
in our community that could make a 3D printed work that could
comfortably sit along side theirs at the exhibition.Could you be that talent?

So the theme for this contest is:
Every Day Design. A completely unique every day object. Something in
your home, in your hands that no one has ever considered. Would
kitchen cutlery be different if it were 3D printed? Would a new
object find its’ way into the home because of these new manufacturing
techniques? We hope this gets you guys thinking and designing.

To enter simply upload your design to
Shapeways and add the tag DDW to it. You can submit designs to the
contest until Sunday the 21st of September 12:00 CET. The
winner will be design with the highest rating on Shapeways and will
be announced on the 30th of September. The winner’s model
will be printed out and exhibited at the Dutch Design Week for
thousands of designers and the design-curious. After DDW it will be
shipped to you so you can have it. In addition the winner will
receive $250 in free 3D printing from Shapeways!

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