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Time to Look Back at The Year 2010 in 3D Printing

Created by TeamTeamUSA is a Dipity timeline of 3D printing over the past year which is a fairly comprehensive overview of some of the more US based items it does not include all of developments Shapeways has had over the past year like:

The introduction of Full Color 3D printing in January (then full color Mesh Medic in September based on Mesh Medic launched in March), we added the option of gold plating to Stainless Steel along with a trial of Silver that we will be returning with as soon as possible. 

The Shapeways community uploaded an avalanche of amazing designs with over 10,000 uploads in November alone and just under 1600 shops selling more and more items each day.

The Shapeways community gathered increasing exposure for both products and services on TV programs such as the Today Show, print press coverage in a number of magazines and newspapers including a raft of articles in the New York Times, huge amount of exposure in the blogosphere including boingboing, gizmodo, notcot, fastcompany and trendspotter (and many, many, many, more) along with increasing growth of traffic coming in from both Facebook and Twitter.

Take a look and tell us what is missing, what didn’t you know, and what next for 2011

via Ponoko

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