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A picture is Worth (at least) 1000 Hits

Promoting your designs on the internet is actually fairly simple, (but not always easy).  To get the initial spark of interest from a potential buyer (or blogger) you need One Perfect Image that clearly captures the intent of your design at a glance.  Once you have the viewers attention only then you have an opportunity to close the sale a brief description/story for your design and a great price.


We recently featured the Birdsnest Eggcup by Studio Gijs on the Shapeways Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with a couple of submissions to third part blogs, within hours Gijs had sales in the double figures along with a request from a design magazine for high resolution images ready to go to press.

This image, along with being a cute design, is beautifully photographed with a perfect composition using the ‘rule of thirds‘ with the slightly out of focus fork leading the eye to the product. The lighting is bright and evenly lit
with no harsh shadows or glare (or lens flare, youch). The colors are
soft and complimentary yet the light blue seems to really sing against
the pink background.

Next time your items arrive and you are ready to take photographs
to place in your shop, take a little time to prepare and compose an
image that will really do justice to all the hard work you put into
your design. Ensure they are in 450×324 or 700×519 format to
ensure they sit right in the frames. If you do not have a decent camera
and tripod ask a friend who does to help out.  Most peple are more than
keen to put thetheir Megapixels to good use..

DIY lightbox /1

Check out this DIY Micro Studio..

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