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He Sells 3D Printed Sea Shells

Sharing the arrival of his Small Shell Pendant, Aeron203 AKA 40 West Designs scanned an actual sea shell then had it 3D printed in silver by Shapeways with stunning results.

I scanned a real shell using a Steinbichler Comet white-light scanner. 3D scanners of this type are high-precision instruments mostly used in laboratory and factory environments because of their cost and sensitivity to vibration, dust and temperature.

Dozens of scans were combined and blended together to create a 3D representation accurate to less than a thousandth of an inch. Hanging loops were sculpted in a style similar to the shell, creating a consistent look. The silver casting shows no printing lines, and even the sprue locations have been polished and sculpted by the silversmith to blend into the design.

We hope to have Silver back as a 3D printing option as soon as possible, keep an eye on the Shapeways blog and Materials page for updates.

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