Large Scale DIY 3D Printer

With a maximum build area of 403.00 x 403.00 x 322.70 mm [15.86 x 15.86 x 12.70 inches] this may be one of the bigger DIY 3D Printers (but not as big as this one) currently out in the domestic wild. The above image is My Machine by Jim at Grass Roots Engineering cradling a Fab@Home Model 2.0.

So…It all began in late 2008/early 2009 when I really wanted to build a 3D printer. There were not as many choices in DIY 3D printer designs then as there are nowadays. I could not find a machine design that I really liked that was capable of printing with ABS plastic. So I set off to design my own and ended up designing something like this:

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