First pictures of our new office in New York!

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Here are some first sneak peeks at our new office in New York. It’s still completely empty, BUT we have a (laser ;-) printer. We’ll post more pictures once it starts to look like a real office!

Lunch table, anyone? (Peter)




  1. Stijn van der Linden

    Looking good guys! Plenty of windows room and light!
    But I expect it takes some time to print all the furniture ? ;-)


    Ps. Marleen; Linda (‘s belly) says hi ;-)

    1. Marleen Vogelaar

      It’s a great location! And yes, we need some serious furniture printers!

      Stijn: wow, waving back to say hi! Exciting!!

  2. Artur

    Nice new digs, and having everyone in an open plan office is nice.
    Hope you guys are settling in nice in the BigApple.

  3. Vijay Paul

    Congratulations guys best wishes for the future and what a great way to start 2011.

  4. clsn

    Looking forward to coming by and visiting once you guys are in the area!

  5. todd blatt

    I want to come visit! I’ll be in NYC next week.

  6. Dylan Nagel

    Congratulations! Very inspiring to see. I’ll be in New York in March, would be great to drop by. Do you have visiting hours? :)

  7. Aaron Trocola

    Great! I hope everyone is adjusting nicely and enjoying NY before the weather gets too rough.

  8. Eitan C

    Will this office be used as another printing facility as well? That would certainly be awesome!

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    We always like to say that we’re making the impossible possible here at Shapeways and today we’re tearing down walls… literally. We’re growing our NYC office, starting with expanding into the space next door. In true startup fashion, we’re all

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