The CardCase for IPhone 4

Love this design, now I wish I had not featured the Minimalist first, but I know that this was in prototyping before the post. I wish there was one for the iPhone 3G so I can stop walking around with my creditcard held onto my phone with a rubberband like some sort of hightech hobo..

The CardCase for the IPhone 4 does what other card carrying IPhone cases can do and then some!

The sleek snap-on case not only protects your IPhone, but also replaces your wallet. The CardCase can comfortably hold 2 credit or ID cards and the integrated card slot on the side allows you to use any available card as an instant stand!

Available in White, Black, Green, Red or Silver Alumide.


  1. noesis

    Thanks for featuring the CardCase! Guess I’ll need to work on one for the 3G soon!

    1. duann scott

      Ooooh, the challenge is in place..

  2. noesis

    Lol that video is hilarious! I’m pretty sure Shapeway’s nylon based materials could handle the abuse! It’s winter here, but we’ll think about making a similar video! :)

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