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Non-Profit Does Not Mean Low-Tech

In a second post by Adventurous Industrial Designer Noel Wilson who is also a design fellow at Catapult Design, we get a brief peak into the world of designing in the non-profit sector.

Non-profit does not mean low-tech, it is actually quite the opposite. Taking advantage of new technologies to maximize capacities is crucial to small firms like Catapult Design, and on demand 3D printing is a great example.

We use 3D printing mostly to communicate, but also to play and explore. Prototyping is obvious, for tangible explanation of form to clients, discovering scale and deducing manufacturing potentials, but we also use it to make maquettes (small scale models) of the products we have worked on, for explaining exactly what it is that we do to new and potential clients, partners, students and other interested folk. 3D printed maquettes also make great gifts for those involved in the process of creating a product, and can even be used as fund raising items.  Catapult Design is a non-profit design firm based in San Francisco, providing engineering, design & implementation support to clients with technologies or products capable of igniting positive social change in disadvantaged communities around the globe. 

Noel Wilson, Design Fellow at Catapult Design   

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