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The 12 Dice of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 3D Printed DICE!

Dice designer extraordinaire Chuck Stover AKA Ceramic Wombat has chosen his 12 favorite 3D printed dice on the Shapeways site.  An eclectic mix of dice from minor tweaks of the standard design to radical experiments in form, here they are in no particular order. 

Dice a gogo by eriind
A simple design with a pleasing organic shape.

Step Twin – stepped edge D6 by Stop4Stuff
This design pushes the edge of what the material will handle. The choice of font integrates with the rest of the design extremely well.

Oloid D4 by dizingof
Another unique take on the d4 with clean lines and a pleasing shape.

Tetrablob (large) by Friz
There is something great about this wonky, biomechanical form that I can’t put my finger on.

Large Die20 by Ceramic Wombat
She sure rolls purdy when I’m swinging an imaginary sword at an imaginary orc.

Windows die by Friz
A fun, surreal d6 that eschews the traditional cube.

Steampunk D6 by Huan80
Huan80’s first print of this die was accidentally sent to me (I later forwarded it to him). The detail work on this die is quite fantastic when examined closely.

Tetra D4 (solid) by Friz
Simple lines and pleasing proportions make this one of my favorite solutions for the often-difficult d4.

Standard Size D20 by Youknowwho4eva
A straightforward design that looks like it would be easy to read and would feel nice in the hand.

Rattling Bones Dice: Complete Set by Clsn
An ambitious set of dice that maintains a constant aesthetic while each die remains unique.

5 Cubes Compound D12 Dice by dizingof
I didn’t know that the surfaces of a dodecahedron could be described by five cubes. Educational and aesthetically pleasing!

Diamond D12 by Friz
Intriguing as an art object as well as being an alternate solution to the stadard dodecahedral d12.

Another big thanks to Chuck for sharing 12 of his favorite Shapeways dice….  What other categories can we feature on the Shapeways blog?

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