Discovering 3D Printing: Introducing Christina

To keep the Shapeways blog fresh and inspirational we have invited Shapeways community member Christina Westbrook to start writing articles and sharing her experience and insights into design, 3D printing and selling 3D printed products. Please join us in welcoming Christina and feel free to ask her questions or if their is anything you would like her to write about. Thank you Christina….

From Shapeways customer to a Shapeways blogger I’ve had a long journey. My name is Christina, I live in San Francisco, California and a few years ago graduated from art school with a bachelors degree in 3D modeling for video games with no idea 3D printing existed. Towards the very end of my studies (at the point it was too late to turn back without adding a couple years onto my schooling) I became disenchanted with my major, finding more interest in a metalworking class I took on the side. I loved that I could hold a creation in my hand and know I was the one that made it.

I discovered the existence of 3D printing of jewelry that was done in wax while making websites for a jeweler and that inspired me to teach myself a CAD specific program, then a couple years later a friend told me about Shapeways when he saw them at the local Maker Faire.

Since the day I got my first Shapeways print in the mail over a year ago I’ve been head over heels. There are endless possibilities with the knowledge that just about anything you can think of you can make.


From steampunk jewelry to iPhone cases I’m hoping to make a living off of my creations while helping spread the word about 3D printing and the potential it has in every aspect of all our lives.

In addition to my fascination with 3D printing I also love fantasy and good as well as bad science fiction. When not modeling on my laptop you can find me hanging out with family, friends, my boyfriend and cat.

In my next post I’ll talk a bit about selling 3D printed pieces at themed conventions and art events.


  1. Peter Weijmarshausen

    Hi Christina, welcome at Shapeways.

    1. Christina Westbrook

      Hi Peter!

      I do believe I met you at the Maker Faire in San Mateo earlier this year when I volunteered at the Shapeways table. I had a lot of practice explaining what 3D printing was :)

  2. Shelley Noble

    Christina is delightful! How nice that her education and other interests could converge in this entirely new technology!

    1. Christina Westbrook

      Hi Shelley,

      It really was rather nice to have more than one of my passions meld into one new one. It’s a rare thing that I’m doing by best to take advantage of. I hope everyone in similar situations find Shapeways also!

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