Lightpoem and Ringpoem featured on the NBC Today Show

On the search for unique gifts the Today Show style expert Bobbie Thomas featured a number of gifts that can be personalized this holiday season, and the Shapeways Lightpoem and Ringpoem were both selected as a perfect, personalizable gift.

To celebrate we have reduced the price so you can create your own Lightpoem for as little as $49, and as always, napkin Ringpoems are starting at $6. Today is the last day to order your Ringpoems in stainless steel and still receive them by December 24th, plastic items can be ordered until December 12 and still arrive in time. 

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    Created by TeamTeamUSA is a Dipity timeline of 3D printing over the past year which is a fairly comprehensive overview of some of the more US based items it does not include all of developments Shapeways has had over the past year like: The introduction

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