3D Printed Articulated Robot Flash Drive

I just wanted to give a sneak peek at a project I have been working on for our press kits in preparation for Showstoppers at CES in Las Vegas, January 6th 2011.  Instead of the standard pamphlets and generic DVD or Flash Drive, we are going to be using fully articulated 3D printed robots that transform into cute little trucks, to back into your computer and share Shapeways info.  



This is the first iteration so it will need some tweaks, but fairly close considering it was my first attempt at living hinges, sliding mechanisms, locking mechanisms and pivots!!! I wipe my brow with relief that they all worked.

Any press that are not yet registered need to get in fast to get their 3D printed robot press pack!!


  1. Dizingof

    Cool design !

    If you guys like, you can also use my USB Stick for iPhone with a Shapeways.com logo on front. no markup ! :)

    The press will love it ! Guaranteed !
    They are after all always on the roads with their laptops so why not charge their iPhone with a keychain USB stick :-)


    Good luck at ShowStoppers ! and bring us lots of traffic! :P

  2. Aaron Trocola

    Good work, Duann. One of the great things about making things this way is that you can reach directly for your goal and try out a bunch of things at once. It’s especially satisfying when it works on the first try!

  3. Mathew Mowbray

    you always did have a thing for matchbox cars good to see you have put that instinct to good use

  4. Gijs

    that’s great Duann, interesting that those hinges work at such a small scale, can you share some info about the size and tolerances?

  5. Glenn Slingsby

    Great! Yes, I’m interested in the tolerances, etc., as well since I’m having a heck of a time with a model that just has simple extrusions!


  6. Duann

    I am working on the second iteration now.
    As soon as I am happy with it I will share what I have learnt..


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