Cyber Monday Discount

To celebrate Cyber Monday and help get you all into the festive season, Shapeways is offering a 10% discount and the option of free Christmas wrapping on all orders today only!!!!

To get the discount on your order enter the code jv5pz during step 3 in the ordering process, under ‘I have a coupon code’.


  1. Christina Westbrook

    Aww, sad, I just put in a couple big orders a few hours ago. O well, I’ll try to think of what else to get today.

  2. Mitchell Jetten

    uploading a model now!

  3. Dizingof

    Yay ! I ordered a Gold Plated Dice from my dice collection with a “Hanukkah” gift rapping.. ;)

  4. Hugh McGahern

    I’ve got a coupon code from a rejected print can I use that code and this one on an order?

  5. Hugh McGahern

    taken your advice, hope I get an answer before the offer closes :)

    1. Peter Weijmarshausen

      The service team will not be there before the 30th. However your question is noted and we will treat it as if you are ordering within the promotion.

  6. Stephen Rider

    When does this end? Midnight local time or some other time?

    1. Peter Weijmarshausen

      Midnight where-ever you are, so you have a few more hours.

  7. Hugh McGahern

    Cool, are the servers a bit slow tonight? a product uploaded earlier hasn’t shown up yet in my gallery.

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