3D Printed Gifts For Him

Don’t put fill his stocking with socks and jocks this year when you can surprise him with toys for boys, masculine accessories and geeky gadgets. To make gift giving a little easier this giftmas we have put together a few galleries of 3D printed items that are guaranteed to please*. And of course shapeways always include free shipping for any order over $25.


3D Printed Customized cufflinks are a great way to add some subtle flair to a business shirt. If he doesn’t have a shirt with french cuffs why not combine it with a custom Blank Label shirt?

No need for him to wear a cumbersome tool belt to fix broken toys or assemble ikea furniture with A Bit Cross

Give a gift within a gift this giftmas with the Gift Cube. One of many puzzles available on Shapeways.

Don’t gamble with a mass produced gift when you can get dice 3D printed on demand, like the 20 sided dice.

Protect is gadget with the iphone4 bumper MG01

For train, model and miniature enthusiasts there are thousands of unique items in the Shapeways Shops like the N Scale Irish Railways A Class, you wont find that in your local nifty gifty store…

*We guarantee he will be impressed if not actually pleased :)


    1. duann scott

      Hmmm, perhaps we need to do the desktop gift range?????

      Any more suggestions or you want to be included, please let me know



    2. Jeff Coleman

      Maybe Art and Executive Gifts? There is a lot of great stuff on Shapeways along those lines.


    3. duann scott


      Post some more suggestions and I will get onto it now!!!

    4. Jeff Coleman

      My posts are being rejected, probably because they contain so many links. I’ve sent you an email!


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