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3D Printed PC Mouse

OK, Those of you who roll your eyes every time we feature an Apple Gadget protector, stand or shrine, now it is time for the PC accessory to have it’s moment to shine thanks to Dimitri Kobzar‘s 3D printed PC mouse. Perhaps next we will see a full color bust of mass customization trailblazer Michael Dell

Read on to get Dimitri’s take on the process and result.

The look. The mouse looks quite ugly in general, but quite ok (imho) at sides. The problem is that most of sketches I made were side views and I didn’t pay much attention to the shape from the top.

Ergonomics. As you may know, there are three ways people like to hold the mouse – palm grip, claw grip and something in between these two. I’m a “palm grip” type of guy, this is why I generally prefer BIG mice. I wanted to make this one big as well. And I did  The mouse is very comfortable to use, except for several issues – the buttons turned out to be quite stiff, the wheel is too deep and grip edges are bit too sharp.

Price. The mouse is big. You can see it in comparison with A4Tech X-7, which in its turn is definitely not the smallest gaming mouse. It resulted in price. The printing costs were about €60 (approx. $80)

Impressions. I’ve been using this mouse for about two weeks, but in the end turned back to my A4Tech X-7. In addition to the issues mentioned above, I didn’t like the general feel of the mouse. The materials are definitely much cheaper, than the ones used in ordinary mice, this is why they feel worse. I also tried to cut down the costs making the surfaces as thin as possible. It made the mouse feel like being made out of paper. It’s definitely stiff, but it doesn’t feel ‘solid’.
Funny fact – I did a bit of polishing of the top black surface and saw the mesh edges coming out brighter than the rest of the surface. This is because I used polygonal modeling, instead of NURBS or solid modeling, and the surface turned up to consist of many squares.

Conclusions. It was a nice experience. I proved myself that it IS possible to make a functional mouse (or virtually any device) with 3D printing. I have some other (cheaper) ideas that I hope to turn into printed objects soon.

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