*The Minimalist 4 for iPhone 4

*The Minimalist™ Holds 1 to 3 ID/Credit Cards nice and close to your iPhone 4.  Perfect.

NOT 3D printed by Shapeways but very cool. Somehow, despite being proven wrong by mythbusters  I still have the fear of the phone wiping my card.

Of course with the Paypal application you can bump iPhones together to complete a transaction, which would be so cool for selling wares at a design or craft fair…



*The Minimalist™ is the work of TRTL BOT, a Los Angeles-based company that designs eco-functional iPhone accessories. All of our eco-functional shells are made in Southern California.  At the beginning stages, all the designs are discussed and implemented at the TRTL BOT solar powered office. Their solar panels provides enough power to run the office’s lights, computers, and printers. 



  1. Dizingof

    Who said “I love turtles! “…

    CaseMate was the first to introduce a case for iphone with a back pocket for a credit card & driving license.

    Great minds..

  2. noesis

    That’s crazy! You guys are working on printing a very similar design of mine right now! I’ll be sure to post images once it arrives, which should be any day now! :)

  3. Jimmy King

    This case is awesome. Best I’ve used by far. If anyone’s looking to buy one, use coupon code TRTLCREW002 to save yourself 15%!

  4. Shapeways Blog

    Love this design, now I wish I had not featured the Minimalist first, but I know that this was in prototyping before the post. I wish there was one for the iPhone 3G so I can stop walking around with my creditcard held onto my phone with a rubberband li

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