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Shapeways Live November 24th

If you have any questions about Shapeways and 3D printing, the Shapeways Live webcast is on Wednesday, November 24th at 8PM CET, Wed 2:00 PM EST, Wed 11:00 AM PST and Thurs 4:30 AM CDT (ouch).

Check here to see what time that is for you.

The Shapeways Live webcast is hosted by community manager Bart Velduizen and is a great way to find out what is happening on Shapeways.  It is also the perfect way to let us know exactly what you would like to see from shapeways, be it a material, service, shop or website improvement.  You can also use the live chat to get together and connect with other Shapeways community members.  The live chat is always open so you can use it to communicate with each other at anytime.

You can also watch the archive of all previous Shapeways Live webcasts to get a taste.

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