Digitally Fabricated Friday Finds

The Shapeways community of designers, makers, jewelers and artists have shared more cool items this week in the forums, check em out!  If you would like your design included next week, be sure to post your designs in ‘It Arrived’, Features This and even Work In Progress…. As well as making sure that we get a chance to see your designs, it is a great way to share, inspire and get some feedback from the community.

The Belt Holder












The WavePad for iPad
























Cross Utensils Pendant














5 hearts pendant














Triangles of Pythagoras puzzle










QR steel tag












50 new dice in one day?


























  1. Jake Drews

    Awesome Finds!

    Thanks for featuring the Cross Utensils Pendant!

  2. Magic

    Great models.
    Duann, thank you for featuring the Roll’n'Ring (or the Ring’n'Roll: I still feel undecisive)

  3. Dizingof

    Hey Duann,

    Thanks for featuring the WavePad !

    Btw , the Audio Stand for iPod Touch that you featured on ’100% design fair’ made it’s first sale today ! :)

    1. duann scott

      congrats Dizingof,

      Have you received your alumide version yet? it was a winner for sure..


    2. Dizingof

      Thank you.
      No i haven’t, was it sent with UPS or regular mail?

      This one gadget i personally enjoy every day.. browsing/flipping/playing the albums covers with one finger while holding the morning coffee.. :-) )

  4. Gijs

    Thanks Duann for all the attention to my recent designs and prints! It stimulates me to go ahead.


  5. Noods

    Always great to be featured alongside quality creations :) thanks!

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