Shapeways community member Gijs de Zwart ran a competition at his 8 year old son’s school to design a necklace to be 3D printed.

Behold the super cute winning design by Sophie, who will be the proud recipient tomorrow morning of her own personal necklace !!!!

And the original sketch. “I’d like to share with you, the winning design of a small design competition I have held in the class of my (8 year old) son.
I’ve had the opportunity to show them the magics of 3D printing and promised them to make the winning design in real.
The winning design was a very cute necklace, that just makes you happy instantly.  The hard part was to turn her sketch into a printable object, while keeping the feel of the hand made sketch and the delicacy of the thin lines. Therefore, all the items were drawn instead of modeling a few and copying them.

A super sweet thing to do for your children and their friends, something they will treasure forever.