Assembling iPhone 4 ‘Glif’ tripods, using Shapeways parts, funded by Kickstarter

3D printed Success via Shapeways!!!!!

Three awesome NYC startups star in this video: Watch Glif cofounders assemble iPhone 4 tripods, using parts from Shapeways, and funded by Kickstarter. Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen will speak to students April 20.

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  1. Vijay Paul

    Great Vid,

    I wonder if these Kicstarter projects will become so successful that the demand will mean manufacturing will have to move to China. I hope there will be projects which will help and progress humanity other than individual egos.

  2. Dimitri Kobzar

    sadly no credits to Shapeways in any of this videos, except for the shapeways package box in the wanderlust video. The Wanderlust kickstarters seems to be aiming exactly at mass production in China. Where else is the injection molding cheap enough?


    1. Duann

      At the moment everyone seems to still be working towards mass production in China.

      As the price of 3D printing lowers people may wise up that the cost of tooling up for mass production may not in the end be the best way to go with ‘niche’ products such as pinhole attachments for cameras. Clearly by the support they have garnered so far their is a market, it will be great to see someone keep it on their continent with 3D printing.

      Who is up to the challenge? Anyone who has an idea they want to pitch on Kickstarter let me know and we will see how we can help…

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