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Make the Most of the Gift Season in Your Shapeways Shop

Online sales typically pick up in the weeks leading up to Christmas with people searching for the perfect gift for family and friends, colleagues and clients.  Now is a great time to take a good look at your Shapeways Shop to ensure that it is presenting your items for sale in the best possible way.

Images: Ensure your items are well photographed in 450×324 or 700×519 format, either with a plain background or in context to represent scale and use.  If you do not have access to a decent camera get a friend with a camera to lend a hand, take a look at the photography tutorial for some pointers and please, please, please do not use your low resolution camera-phone, do not use a camera top flash, use a tripod instead….             

Clean up your shop: do not clutter up your shop with ‘default renders’ of unrealized products. If you have great photographs next to bad images it erodes the overall integrity of the look of your shop. Decisions to purchase are often made the moment an object is seen (everything after that is usually a process of self-justification), make the decision easier with a clear, consistent shop.

Descriptions:  Clearly describe your items, the materials you have printed it in that you would recommend a buyer choose, and restrict materials to those that will work with the design.  Also include a story about the design, your inspiration, and how you use it or who you designed it for. So much of gift giving is about the story you tell to the receiver, the authenticity of a unique product carries much more value than a mass produced item.  Help them to tell that story.

Logo, Banner and Bio:

Your shop is your opportunity to build a brand for your items.  Create a banner in the correct aspect ratio, upload an avatar/logo and write a little about yourself and where you are based.  This localization can work for you in two ways; if someone wants to buy from a ‘local designer’ they may feel a personal relation to you through location, or perhaps the buyer is looking something from an exotic faraway place.  Most of all be yourself, write in your own style/voice and have fun, people who are interested in your items will often resonate with you too.

Shop Sections: If you have more than four items for sale it may well be worth organizing your shop into sections to make it easier for people to navigate your shop.  It also gives you more control over ways in which you can use the Shapeways Widget to embed your shop into other sites. Also tag your items and submit them into the public galleries to help people find your items.

Best of luck with your seasonal sales..

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