Tensegrity, Form-Finding, Material and Structural Properties of Complex Systems

(Iso)Communication, tensional integrities and intensive connections through a peripheral park of Bologna is the fifth year’s thesis of Vincenzo Reale from Bologna University, in which themes such as tensegrity, form-finding, material and structural properties of complex systems, parameterization of physical behaviors, interaction of surfaces and components with external force fields, rapid prototyping techniques were discussed, in the search of elegance through a perpetual dialectics of complexity and refinement.

Check out his thesis abstract and some beautiful images…

Vincenzo Reale (graduated in 2010 at University of Bologna, Master Course in Building Engineering and Architecture, qualified Engineer since 2010) places itself in the area where architecture meets and overlaps multiple, different, fields, from design to engineering, from biology to informatics, from theater and video-performance to building workshops.

Passionate about technology he tried to widen his knowledge of digital tools, especially in connection with parametric and generative architecture. Graduated (under the supervision of prof. Alessio Erioli, University of Bologna; prof. Ludovico Lombardi, UCL & Zaha Hadid.

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