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Feast Your Eyes on Friday

Ok, instead of just taking a look at what has arrived over the past week, I thought it might be interesting to use the new Shapeways widget to share some of the cool items to arrive on the site in the last few weeks and show off the versatility of the widget at the same time.  Using the widget also really shows how important it is to take some decent photos of your items and ensure they are in 450×324 or 700×519 format to ensure they sit right in the frames.


I made the gallery above by adding a few of the recent models to my favorites and making a 3×4 widget with the code fav=USERNAME.  As far as rows go use this to adjust the frame size

cols/rows    width    height    if cols=1
1                168      176        height +12
2                320      320
3                474      464
4                628      608

Read on to see more examples of some of the Shapeways communities shops in widgetized…

Above is Virtox’s Shop Section he made up for Dutch Design Week.

Chris Bense’s dark works show that by making shop sections you would have more control over which images would be seen.



Here we see a few shops in vertical formats and if you only have space for one 🙁

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