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3D Printed Gifts for Apple Enthusiasts

The 12 days of Christmas are covered with 12 Apple Geek gifts on Shapeways..

Looking for the perfect gift for the Apple obsessed in the gifting season?  Check out some of the products for the iPad & iPhone along with a few beautiful oddities designed by the Shapeways community that may just hit the mark..


Stabilize, cover & protecting the Apple iPad the Shapeways community with some of the coolest designs online.

Kitchen stand for iPad from $29.83

PadFoot – stand for iPad from $25

Canvas Wrap – Pixel from $50


Making the most of the popularity of the iPhone and the issues with the antenna reception are a range of iPhone protectors form the Shapeways community.

iPhone4 bumper MG01 from $25

USB Stick for iPhone from $22.58

iPhone 4 Gear & Cogs Steampunk Case from $48.88

iPhone 3G / 3GS bike mount from $48.73

Stripes 4 iPhone from $25.20

Revolver iPhone from $91.99, for those who may not actually like Christmas so much…

Keeping things on the kooky but cool

Apple, um, things!

Mac IIci
from $36.95

Steve Jobs bust from $125.45

Steve Wozniak bust from $139.45 (He is a little portlier)

Apologies to any PC fans, post some Dell based designs and we will share them too…

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