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Where do you Promote your Products

As I trawl the web for what is new and innovative in the world of 3D printing, on demand manufacture, mass customization, contemporary design, jewelry, DIY, hacking, maker movement, art, furniture, computer graphics, software, intellectual property, CAD and etc. (phew), I quite often come across the Shapeways community in a broad range of places.  I have spotted your products in the smallest to some of the most widely read blogs on the internet, in forums on twisty puzzles and trains, miniatures and anime, robotics and RC, CG and animation.  I have seen many Shapeways products tweeted about as well as shown on YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

Social network in a course

So rather than simply stumbling across where you show your wares I thought it might be handy if you let us know where you promote your products.  It does not have to be to sell or make a sale, but to share with the Shapeways community where you share your shapeways products.

This may inspire others to join in the conversation and share their designs in the same, or similar places.  And at the same time give the Shapeways staff a chance to see the reaction of your designs in your peer communities.

Image above is Social network between the participants of “Learning environments and learning networks” course in Tallinn University. This was used as an icebreaking activity to get to know each other. by hanspoldoja.

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